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by Gillian Pritchett on December 19, 2012


Facebook Nearby Map

Hands On With Facebook Nearby, A New Local Biz Discovery Feature That Challenges Yelp And Foursquare by Josh Constine.

Very useful post about the revamped Facebook Nearby. more…

Facebook Nearby: A New Reason For Local Businesses To Get On Facebook

Not every local business has a Facebook page, but they all have a new reason to get one: Facebook has announced a new version of Facebook Nearby that turns it into a local business search engine.The Nearby tab on Facebook’s iOS and Android apps will still show your friends’ local activity, but it now also has the capability to offer search and discovery of all local businesses in the immediate area. With that addition, it puts a new face on Facebook’s largely untapped local efforts. It also puts Facebook in more direct competition with the likes of Yelp, Foursquare and even Google+.The kicker for local businesses: If they don’t have a Facebook page with a location specified, they won’t be showing in the Facebook Nearby search results. more…


How to Use the New Twitter Archive to Analyze Your Marketing Tweets by Dan Slagen

 Twitter Hits 200M Monthly Active Users, or “Pulses of the Planet”Twitter announced that users will be able to download an archive of all their tweets from whenever they started tweeting, .Read more…


Preparing for the New LinkedIn Design: How to Optimize Your Page and Profile by Kristi Hines


If you're wondering how the new LinkedIn design will impact your personal profile and business page this post gives you the essentials. Read on…


6 Ways Social Media Marketers Should Capitalize on the Visual Content Revolution [INFOGRAPHIC] Posted by Pamela Vaughan

Read more:

and even better, you can download 3 infographic templates at no cost from Hubspot. click here.

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